The Gonzaga Hip Hop & Rap Club was founded in the Spring of 2017, but had its origins in 2015. As freshman at Gonzaga, Gabriel Rivas and Evan Watson were shocked at the lack of Hip Hop both on and off campus. In response, they decided that they should be the ones to create a club in hopes of changing the culture at Gonzaga and Spokane, WA.

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Club Origins

Towards the end of their sophomore year, Gabriel & Evan drafted a constitution, selected a faculty advisor, and finally applied to have their club recognized on campus. The club was ultimately approved and the Fall of 2017 marked their first year. Along the way, they reached out to others who shared a similar passion for the music: Stacey Hernandez & Tyler Stoudemire.

With the success of their inaugural Fall Fest headlined by up and coming Seattle rapper Travis Thompson, the club hopes to continue to bring hip hop to Gonzaga in a variety of outlets. In 2018, they brought Miami based Sylvan LaCue for their 2nd Fall Fest which also had a high turnout.

Moving forward, the club hopes to continue the success of the founding members and establish a name for itself in the years to come.